In the day of my trouble I will call
    upon thee, for thou wilt answer me
    Psalm 86:7

In die dag van my benoudheid
roep ek U aan, want U verhoor my
Psalm 86:7


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I. Greetings to the Twelve Tribes (1:1)

II. Profiting in the Face of Trials (1:2-18)

A. Trials Lead to Spiritual Maturity (1:2-8)

B. The Perspectives of the Rich and the Poor (1:9-11)

C. The Source of Temptations (1:12-15)

D. Every Good Gift Comes From God (1:16-18)

III. True Faith Evident in Works (1:19-2:26)

A. Doers of the Word (1:19-27)

B. Beware of Favoritism (2:1-13)

C. Faith Without Works is Dead (2:14-26)

IV. Conflicts Among Christians (3:1-4:12)

A. The Damage Caused by the "Untamable" Tongue (3:1-12)

B. Earthly "Wisdom" Leads to Bitterness and Envy (3:13-18)

C. Pride and Sinful Desires Lead to Strife (4:1-6)

D. Be Humble and Do Not Judge (4:7-12)

V. Warnings Against Presumptuous Boasting (4:13-5:12)

A. Do Not Boast About Tomorrow (4:13-17)

B. Rich Oppressors Will be Judged (5:1-6)

C. Be Patient Until the Lordís Return (5:7-11)

D. Do Not Swear (5:12)

VI. Final Exhortations (5:13-20)

A. The Prayer of the Righteous (5:13-18)

B. Intercession for the Brother Who Strays From the Truth (5:19-20)


All the Chapters

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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