Mission, Aim & Hope

    For it is by believing in his heart that
    that a man becomes right with God
    Romans 10:10

Want met die hart glo ons tot geregtigheid
en met die mond bely ons tot redding
Romeine 10:10

Mission of this web site

"To provide Christians in South Africa with an
effective web site, help spread the Gospel,
attempt to assist everyone in spiritual need and
work together with all other Christian web sites
in Southern Africa and other parts of the world"

    Will ...
  • Provide FREE Internet related advice to the best of my ability
  • Provide FREE listing for Christian owned companies
  • Provide FREE links to existing Christian Churches' web sites
  • Provide FREE space and serve as vehicle in case of crisis
  • Provide FREE space for employment opportunity notices
  • Provide FREE space for the spreading of the Gospel
  • Provide FREE links/assistance to Christian fund raising organizations
  • Attempt to help all those in spiritual need, including non-Christians

    Need ...
  • Qualified persons prepared to help those who may be in desperate
    situations and are in need of councelling. I would like to place
    a list of such willing person's e-mails to be used by everyone in
  • Christians to come forward and send us testimonials and information
  • Churches to become involved. Their help is needed to be able to fulfill
    ALL visitors' needs
  • Everyone's support and co-operation
  • Your prayers

    I pray and hope that you will support and assist me, not with
    money, but by visiting this site regularly, telling others,
    sending me material, and supporting everyone listed here. If this site
    makes a difference in one person's life, you and I have won!

    God bless you all


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