Our Mission, Aim & Hope

    For it is by believing in his heart that
    that a man becomes right with God
    Romans 10:10

Want met die hart glo ons tot geregtigheid
en met die mond bely ons tot redding
Romeine 10:10


Bible Quiz (page 3)

    Do you know your Bible? Hereunder is a small quiz
    which you can use to test yourself. We will be
    adding questions on a regular basis. You may wish
    to print this page, fill in the answers off line and
    return later to check the answers. You're welcome
    to send us questions (with answers) for this quiz.

   (This quiz is Java driven)
11 In which book will one find the quotation
"Hate the sin, but love the sinner"?
Proverbs, None or Colossians
12 Who killed Sisera with a tent peg?
Heber, Jael or Amoz
13 Who said "Will a son be born to a man
one hundred years old"?
David, Abraham or Joshua
14 From which of the twelve tribes did Jesus descend?
Levi, Benjamin or Judah
15 What was the original name of the country God promised to Abram?
Canaan, Israel or Galilee

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