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    The Lord is nigh unto all them that call
    upon Him, that call upon Him in truth.
    Psalm 145:18

Die Here is naby almal wat Hom aanroep,
almal wat Hom aanroep in waarheid
Psalm 145:18

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The Power of Prayer
through the Word of God (2)

Hi… It's me again last week we talked about using the Word of God in our prayers, this week I will continue to elaborate on it. So have fun and enjoy the results, which will be many in the name of Jesus.

We need to put up a good fight when it comes to faith. It takes a little time sometimes to build the Word into your spirit so you can stand in faith for an answer to prayer. The Bible says, "Fight the good fight of faith…" (1Tim. 6:12) If there weren't any hindrances to faith, there wouldn't be a fight. When it comes to natural things, things that happen in our everyday life. These we fight tooth and toenail for what belongs to us. But when it comes to spiritual things, many times we just roll over and play dead!

Please always remember that, if God's Word says something belongs to you, then it surely belongs to you! So put up a fight by standing your ground on God’s Word. It's up to you to fight a good fight of faith with the Word and receive your promised blessing and all that God as promised you.

Some Christians think they are being humble by saying, "Well, the will of God be done." When really it is the will of satan that is being done. You see there is a good fight of faith that the believer must fight in order to appropriate and receive his promised blessing, his rightful inheritance in Christ. In order to succeed you must learn how to use the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Fighting the good fight of faith is speaking the Word out of your mouth that you believe in your heart or your spirit.

That's why the importance to hide the Word of God in your heart and always be ready to use the scriptures as either a form of attack or defence.

Be ready to ask God for what you want. So many times people say that they feel like God heard them when they prayed. Those people are in for a fall the minute they say that. What we should say is: I know that God heard me. I believe I have my answer because the word says I do, not because I feel anything (Mark 11:24). God's Word is so whether I feel like it or not.

Faith's confession creates reality. So stand your ground and refuse to be defeated.

Take care of your mind… Guard against every evil thought that comes into your mind to try to make you doubt God's Word.

The Bible says that we are to cast down every imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God (2 Cor. 10:5). ( Philippians 4:8). That's why we should stay away from places and things that do not support your affirmation that God has answered your prayer. Your thoughts are governed and affected by your observations, associations, and teaching.

So you see you will have to guard your mind in order to develop in faith. And as you stand your ground firm in faith, your faith will see you through victory.

There seven steps to an answered prayer:
  1. Decide what you want from God and find the scriptures that definitely promise you these things.
  2. Ask God for the things you want, and believe that you will receive them.
  3. Let every thought and desire affirm that you have what you asked for.
  4. Guard against every evil thought that comes into your mind to try to make you doubt God's Word.
  5. Meditate on God's Promises. Meditate constantly on the promises upon which you based the answer to your prayer.
  6. Continually thank God for the Answer. In your every waking moment, think on the greatness of God and His goodness, and count your blessings. This will increase your faith. Praise the Lord with gratitude for what He has done for you.
  7. Make every prayer a statement of Faith. Make every prayer relative to what you've asked a statement of faith instead of unbelief.
Try to understand and practise these principles in your life. As I continue every week here on the Net at www.sachristian.co.za to put them into prospective for you. If you do, you will surely grow in your fellowship with the Heavenly Father. You can also learn to allow the Word of God to abide in you so you can pray according to God's will, and your prayers will be answered. Then Jesus' words in (John 16:24) will be fulfilled in your life: Your Joy will become full!

Best Greetings to all of you, brothers in Christ, may God bless you much as you continue to walk, the walk of faith in Jesus' Name. Praise and Glory be to God.

Yours Sincerely


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