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    In the day of my trouble I will call
    upon thee, for thou wilt answer me
    Psalm 86:7

In die dag van my benoudheid
roep ek U aan, want U verhoor my
Psalm 86:7


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from Debbie

I had a vision which I shared in our church on Sunday (and which was confirmed by another lady in our church as she had had a similar dream and actually shared it with our Pastor during the week).

I had this vision after I had gone out with my mother for the evening and when I got home quite late I was lying in my bed and as I was about to fall asleep I saw a vision of a sandal made out of gold. It was beautiful. I had such a sense of God's presence that I just couldn't sleep. I told my husband that I was going to go to the lounge and pray and immediately got up and went to pray.

While I was sitting on the couche I was so happy, thinking (in my own interpretation) that God was setting us free financially. "Everywhere your foot (golden sandal) shall treat it will prosper". Although I was very happy about the prospect of financial freedom, I somehow knew that that is not what God meant with the Golden Sandal.!!!


I began asking God what he meant and He said that the golden sandal was part of the armour we as Christians must put on. According to His word our 'feet should be fitted with the readiness of the Gospel of Peace'. He said that we should put on the Gospel which is the word of God. The word of God doesn't change to fit us, as the gold which the sandal was made out of, wasn't going to change to fit the foot, but the foot was going to have to change (be shaped) to fit into the mould of the sandal. It wasn't made of leather (to stretch), but out of gold (which moulds).

I saw that as we put on this golden sandal, and began walking the walk of Christianity, as we allowed God to change us, our characters and everything about us to conform to His ways, he added diamonds onto the sandal. It was absolutely beautiful!!!

He said also that as we allow him to mould our lives according to His word, he would add diamonds to it so that the world may look at it and be attracted to it, and so be saved.

But it is only as we spend time with the Word of God and allow him to heal and change us that He is able to add the diamonds.

The other lady in our church has been going trough quite a tough time lately and God had given her a dream where she had put on a leather shoe. On certain intervals during her dream she would sit down and take the shoe off. She would then examine her foot and it appeared that her sole had gone something like gangarene. She said it was aweful and it stunk. She would then put the shoe back on and at a certain time take it off again and examine her foot, the same thing happened over and over. God had told her that she wasn't walking according to the Word of God and therefore she was not allowing God's word to shape her life and that her testimony actually 'stunk', so to say.

Believe me, I have only very recently allowed God to change my way of life, although I have been a committed Christian for almost 10 years, and don't for one moment think that God was talking about my life being in the golden sandal, but I do know that God spoke to me and confirmed it also.

I hope I didn't take too much of your time, and I hope you will be encouraged in this as well.

God Bless


van LENNIE - Potchefstroom

My pa is ongeveer 'n jaar gelede dood. Dit is die eerste van my ouers wat sterf en natuurlik was dit vir my, my ma en die res van die familie 'n traumatiese ervaring. Een aand het Jesus in 'n visioen na my gekom. Ek was nie aan die slaap nie, dit was nie 'n droom nie.

Ek het myself in 'n bos gesien en daar was 'n groot boom. Agter die boom het 'n helder lig geskyn. Ek het om die boom gestap en daar was Jesus, beklee in in 'n wonderlike helder lig en langer as 'n gewone mens. Ek het na hom gestap en hy het sy arms oopgemaak en my toegevou in die kleed van lig. Ek het veilig en getroos gevoel.

Sedertdien het hierdie bevestiging van Sy liefde vir my 'n baken geword waaraan ek vashou.

Baie dankie vir 'n wonderlike webtuiste

Groete in Jesus


During this weekend at the Rally in Christiana it was hectic. More than 5500 bikers came to this very once quiet dorpie! At the rally site where the Rhino Rally was held were many accidents and some bikers did not make it at all. The one incident has been on my heart and I want to share it with all.
always be obedient to the calling. A biker came from town and for no reason at all cruised along and then close to the entrance of the site, geared down, opened up and sped on at a very high speed. A motorist, who has come to see the spectacle in a 4x4, was cruising along and at the entrance turned into the site.

The biker collided with the 4x4 with such impact that the bike "disintegrated" on impact. The CMA (Christian Motorcyclist) were there in seconds and immediately started to pray.
The young man's passenger was injured but OK, but the biker was semmi-conscious. The CMA lady led the biker into prayer and the only response she could get out of him was... a squeeze from his hand when she spoke to him. Upon asking him if she could lead him to the LORD he responded by a squeeze of his hand. Leading him in this way, he was led to the LORD.

The young man passed away before reaching the hospital. Be faithful if led by the HOLY SPIRIT and do the Father's business always.

Dan Booysen.
Disciples Motorcycle Chapter (Roodepoort)CMA
01 November 2000

(Thank you Dan)

van LITA HARTMAN - Wellington, Kaap

'n Besonderse Droom
Ek deel graag 'n besonderse droom wat ek vroeg vanoggend gehad het:
Ek het gedroom dit is dag en ek sit tussen 'n groep mense en lees dat die dag in die eindtyd soos die aand sal wees en die aand soos die dag. Ek kyk toe deur die venster en sien dat die lugruim verander het in 'n dieppers kleur en toe ek nog so kyk, toe verander die lug soos 'n kaleidoskoop met blou en pers patrone. Terselfdertyd het daar 'n spierwit wolk in die hemelruim verskyn met drie goue kruise wat aan die voorkant van die wolk beweeg. Die korter dwarsarm van elke kruis het bo-oor die lang vertikale been van die kruise gestrek en waar die twee gekruis het, was 'n helder groot diamant in die middel. En toe kry ek die wonderbaarlikste gevoel: Ja, Hy het gekom!

Die tyd is werklik min en die boodskap so groots. Laat ons almal 'n finale poging aanwend om almal van Jesus Christus en Sy groot genade vir ons almal te vertel!

(Dankie Lita)

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